St. Valentine’s Day Our Family Way

This year we had no special plans for the Valentine’s Day. However, an idea to prepare unusual meal crossed my mind the evening before the holiday. As a result of this fleeting thought we had several dishes - all of them heart-shaped – at the festive dinner.

All the family together had been preparing all the stuff: we had made heart-shaped pizzas, heart-shaped potato sandwiches, and of course, heart-shaped cake. Here are the pics how it all looked:

Using cooking moulds of various sizes I had made (with the great help of my kids) potato, carrot, cheese, and sausage hearts. Carrot had gone into pizza; all the rest had been used to make tiny sandwiches. Having prebaked potato hearts in the oven I had layered them with mayonnaise, sausage hearts, simmered onion, ketchup, and cheese hearts. It is really easy, simple, but unusual and tasty.

All the baking (everything that is related to this term) had been done by my husband, ‘cos I hate flour and pastry making. I rather prefer meat and vegetables! So, pizza stuffing is my creation – nothing special: slightly fried small pork slices (the only food I did not risk to cut in the shape of hearts…), onion, heart-shaped carrots, sweet pepper, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise. Everything is ordinary, except for the shape!

The heart-shaped cake had been prepared by my husband. He had used biscuit pastry (half of it had been added some cocoa) and whipped cream. Luckily, we had managed to find a heart-shaped pie dish among all the kitchen stuff my mom crammed our kitchen with. My hubby had covered the cake with chocolate – we all love it! The cake had been so tasty that I missed my chance to make a photo of it baked….

The dinner had been not only tasty and unusual, but inspiring as well, if you know what I mean :-)

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