The new flower brooch I recently made

Hi world and my followers,
Sorry for not posting here for some time... Today I would like to present my recently made flower brooch. I made it to resemble hortensia. Was I successful? How do you think?

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Clothing ideas

I sew for quite a long time, and actually about one third, or even more, of my clothes are self-made. My strong point is sewing trousers, but I also enjoy making skirts and blouses. In addition, a lot of things my kids wear are also made by me…

These are the blouses I’ve created this spring. The first one is made of blood red satin, decorated by hand with black cord using my own design.

These two were made in exquisite desire to speed up summer coming.

Hope you’ll like them!


It's all About Flowers - Some of my favourites at Etsy

Isn't that amazing that a flower can be shaped into a great variety of jewelry, clothing, decor and many other items of fine art or practical use: necklaces, earrings, brooches, clothing, rings - this is only a short list of what can be made in the form of flower, or have the flower as its key element.

I have gathered some examples of flowers turned into beatiful hand-crafted products from artists at Etsy. Have a look - that is a real beauty.