Pink and Tender - Picture with Fabric Flowers

A composition of modest pink roses with glitters on the petals margins. The light color of the flowers is emphasized with the dark violet leaves. Décor at the bottom of the picture is actually made of painted with nail-polish beans. Fabric with fine vertical colorful lines on the background.


Hand purse decorated with fabric flowers

Decorative Brooches

This stuff I made for myself to wear with the matching clothes as the décor brooches, simple and beautiful, but precious because self-made and thus exclusive.

Decor Elements


Fabric Flower Composition "The Blue Cloud"

This one is made of blue fabric flowers, with petals margins pained by hand. They are put against the cork background. The absence of the wooden frame gives this picture country-like looks. Besides, the flowers resemble those growing wildly in the field. Thus, this picture will decorate a room bringing the feeling of summer, warmth, and unexplored wilderness.

Fabric Flower Composition "The Brightness"

A bouquet of fabric flowers partially pained by hand and additionally decorated with bugles. Yellow fabric background.