Organza Flower Tutorial

Organza Flower Tutorial

This flower is quick and easy to make.

- Organza fabric
- Either matching or contrasting seed beads
- Candle, matches
- Scissors, matching thread and needle
1. Cut off two stripes of organza 1 inch wide and 10 inches long each.

2. Then cut them into squares, the side of which will measure 1 inch. You will need 20 pieces.

3. The petals of the flower are roundish, so we should cut the corners of the squares to make them more or less round. As this is kinda free form flower, I don’t really try to make the petals all absolutely similar and perfectly round.

4. Now let’s light the candle and singe the edges of organza pieces.

5. All the petals are ready.

6. The way we assemble the petals will define the looks of the flower. Here is how to make it fast and easy: place all the petals on the table in two layers; the upper layer should be placed on the junction of the bottom layer petals, like on the photo.

7. Gather the petals on the thread just the way they lay on the table.

8. Now just pull all the petals towards the thread end where the knot is made.

9. Then fix that bundle of petals with the thread.

10. To finish the flower, sew as many beads as you want at the base of the flower between the petals.

11. The flower is ready. And it shines so nice in the sun!