How to Make Fabric Flowers Tutorial Part 1: Preparing Jellied Fabric

Here’s a detailed tutorial for making jellied fabric, which is the material I use to create fabric flowers you can see on those wall-hanging decorations and brooches.

So, first of all, I use only unflavored gelatin, as I think (though I’m not sure) flavored one may remain sticky even after drying (if somebody tries a flavored kind, please let me know if it’s OK). I pour about 180ml of cold water over two tablespoons of gelatin and let it swell for about an hour if gelatin is fine.

Then I dissolve it on the steam bath stirring from time to time, but don’t let it boil. If necessary, the solution may be filtered to remove any lumps.

It is better to use a bowl to soak not very large fabric pieces in the solution (but do not be in a hurry, let the solution cool down a bit). Excessive gelatin may be removed from fabric by folding the pieces and passing them between two fingers in order not to rumple the material.

Then I hang fabric to dry so that the pieces don’t stick together. I use plastic tubes to dry clothes, so fabric is easy to take off them. But I think it may stick to the thin cord.

When fabric is dry, it is convenient to store it in the rolls.

Different types of fabric may react on soaking in gelatin differently: for example, materials, like organza, are too thin for this purpose and may still be too delicate even if gelatin solution is strong; solid types may become too hard to shape them, so they need lower concentrated gelatin.

I hope this description will be of help for those who want to create fabric decorations. If anyone has questions, you are welcome to contact me and I’ll try to share my experience with you.

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